(N)Skogfiolen’s is a hobby breeding of British Shorthair cats in a home environment. We live at Vikhammer, near by the city Trondheim in the middle of Norway.

In 2002 we purchased our first purebred cat, it was a British Shorthair crème (BRI e) male. A truly wonderful cat, so cuddly and kind, he proved to be a real teddy bear! We had considered different races and looked at many breed cats, but the choice fell on the British Shorthair and we have never regretted.

Then we bought the second kitten of this breed, a white female from Sweden. Then we became breeders of British Shorthair cats. Time passed and there were several cats of this breed in our home. They are very special these cats, they have great personalities. We enjoy very much with our cats. Some of the cats go with us on holiday trips to our cottage. They are the centre of the family and gets a lot of individual attention, care and cuddles. We spend much time with them.

British Shorthair cats have a wonderful temperament. They are peaceful, good-natured and likes to cuddle and play. Therefore they fit in very well as family cats. They also fit nicely to the company of people who live alone. With their calm nature they fit well as indoor cats.

We have our beloved cats for cuddles and company in the family. They live in the house with us, and the adult cats are also allowed to be outside in the big cat yard in our garden, where they have access to their own heated house and are able to be outside in a safe way. Our cats are not allowed to walk freely outside of the cat yard, because we are afraid to get deseases in to the breeding and because they can get injuried by traffic, other animals and more. Purebred cats can also get stolen outside.

My purpose is to breed British Shorthair cats typical for the race and with a great temperament. All our cats are examined regularly by the veterinary and they are vaccinated after the vaccine produser’s recommendations.  We test our cats for hereditary diseases like HCM(heart disease) and PKD (kidney disease).

All our kittens are registered in the NRR(connected to FIFe(Fédération Internationale Féline)) and have their own pedigree. They are examined by a veterinary prior to delivery, they are vaccinated, have a health certificate and an ID Micro-Chip. The kittens have regulary been dewormed.

We get British Shorthair kittens in many colours: solid colours like blue, lilac, creme, black, chocolate,red, torties and colours with pattern.

Occasionally we have kittens available for loving homes.